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Gta: Doncaster - Part Two Gta: Doncaster - Part Two

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this game. I was playing it for about 2 hours before i completed it and i was really addicted!

I like the graphics, and the classic RPG style. I would rather play this than a professional - made RPG with top of the range graphics.

However, there were a few things i didn't like too much, but it didn't effect my experience too much.

- No hit tests: I know you have a big scrolling map, and maybe it would take a while to add all the hitTests.. But i think it would be worth it for part 3.
Once you finish part 3, you should just spend a day adding in all the hit tests at the end, and it will really make it worth while, and will probably get you a better score too.

- The controls of the car and speed boat are not very realistic.. you should make the left and right keys rotate the car, forward to accelerate, down to brake.

Apart from those two points, the game was great and really enjoyable!

Keep it up, i can't wait for part 3!

The Gun Game The Gun Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars



it was really easy, no offense.
I completed all of the defense tasks no problem without loosing ANY lifes. (with handgun)
Same with the efficency, quite easy, used a handgun, no lifes lost.

The offense was a bit harder (because i was only using a handgun. I obviously lost lives, but i didn't die)

I think i should of died. It should be a lot easier than that.

Although, im impressed by the engine, and it will be cool to play the new version. Nice work, it was still enjoyable.

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GTA style GTA style

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Sorry, i don't like it.
It lags
The characters are tiny
The pick ups (pistol, etc) are bigger than the person. Get the scale right.
Sprites and pngs aren't good man.. you should be drawing all the things in flash.
There was no good music or radio stations.
You didn't gave your game a good name, you just named it.. "GTA Style." Thats like me making a turnbased system game and naming it "Pokemon Style."

W,S,A,D keys would be nice to control the character.
The interface was messy and looked odd.
When i walked, it shows white lines from where you have the tiles apart.
There are no instructions.
I pressed SPACE, and some horrible animation came up with some cheap sound, and then the terrible "screaming" sound that you got from flashkit started playing... "cheap."
The explosions didnt match the quality of the graphics.
You didn't make the graphics.. you copied them from sprites and pngs.
There are no missions
The SOUNDS overlap each other, they really are annoying (especially the screaming sound)
I had an AK47 right away - not much of a challenge, the AK should be a hard weapon to find/buy, not a starter weapon.
Some images were fuzzy, and some were clear. Looks pathetic.
Some tiles dont match up.
Stick to one graphic style..

And, The real GTA series wasn't done by one person. It was done by a large team of professinals, and it didn't take several years.

LeechmasterB responds:

First of this thing is really old, there was a much improved version until my harddisk crashed and it all went to hell. This was not made with as 3.0 but with as 2.0 !

There are no vector graphics used except for menus, its all sprites. And I made 100% of all graphics.
This game is also not finished!
You can remap the keys to W A S D in the options (which you didnt see).
Its an unfinished game, hence no instructions.
There are taxi missions, you just have to get to the right car, and thats about it.
There is not supposed to be much of a challege, its a free ride / cruisin test version of an alpha version of a game.

Like said it was a lot of work and thats the old version of the engine ect. Maybe i ll pick it up again some time.

Kees' Adventure 2 Kees' Adventure 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I liked it. Its fun, it was addicting as i progressed through and i like the look of the storyline at the momment. I'll be looking out for episode 2..
although it was a little short
but good work!

kcnh responds:

This is episode 2... I assume you are looking forward to episode 3 ;-). Thanks for your review!

Nicholas' Weird Adventure Nicholas' Weird Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love nicholas's weird adventures.
Please make a 3rd game.. I know the DVD storyline has ended but your skilful and im sure you could make up a new, fantastic storyline!

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Nicholas' WeirdAdventure2 Nicholas' WeirdAdventure2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love nicholas's weird adventures so much.. You need to make a 3rd one!!!!

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Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun game, slightly easy.

It was fun. I completed the game with 17 lifes and all i had was: (everything upgraded fully)
1 super monkey,
2 ice things
3 cannons
29 tack towers lol

Ammount of baloons - good.
Ammount of towers - good
Tower prices - Perfect!

Really good tower defense game.

- Heli Invasion II - - Heli Invasion II -

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Too easy and very boring

The normal mode is too easy. By about level 9-10 i had all the upgrades and at level 11 i had about six AA towers.. It was ridiculously easy

"For people saying its to easy.. Thats why survival mode is there"
Fair enough, you added a more difficult challenge. But its ridiculously difficult and frustrating, which ruins the game.
You just need to get it not too easy and not TOO hard like survival mode..

Masters RPG : FIX Masters RPG : FIX

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I think the screen is too small.. why does it have to be that small?
The character graphics arent very good.
I have to switch between the SPACE bar and the mouse to control my guy throughout the game (entering shops and stuff)
If your going to make a game, etheir make all the controls keyboard based or mouse based. It makes it a lot easier and less annoying.

The battle system.
It was ok. But one minute i was hitting 252, and then 3?
Maybe instead of making people have 100hp, why not 100hp a and make the guy hit 4-9? It would look a bit better.
After two or three fights i could already buy the most powerful spell :S
Also, it doesnt show my enemies hp...

The spells didnt show how much damage they hit on my opponent, so i didn't know if i was winning or loosing.

It had no storyline or plot in any way.
My character was refered to as "a hero." Now he wasnt really a hero, he just fought random guys. A hero needs to do something heroic and save a place from evil or something like that.

All i could do was fight, buy stuff, fight, buy stuff, fight... It got a bit repetitive. A good RPG game (in my opinion,) should have an explorable world thats really big, and would take the user longer than one sitting to fully explore.

Apart from this, i can see that you put a lot of work into this game but i think you put in "the wrong work"
I mean - you could of spent your time making things a bit more interesting as the game contents weren't totally perfect, as i have described above.

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let's make a shooter! 1/3 let's make a shooter! 1/3

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I think it was a good tutorial that explained things well. But the only problem is, people arent going to wait for you to post 3 parts on newgrounds. I can do a google search for:
"Flash: Space shooter tutorial" and a tutorial will pop up right away, all the parts there (no waiting for part 2, 3, etc.) and i can download the fla file or just follow the tutorial.
Based on the content of your tutorial though, i think it was a higher standard than one you would find from google.

Genocide responds:

Good luck finding a tutorial that actually explains the code your using on google, friend. Thanks for the comment though.